BTS brings all the 70’s disco vibe to their Tiny Desk Concert


South Korean group BTS has presented their new single at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.

Last month, ahead of their staggering set of 2020 VMA victories, BTS broke down their latest hit, “Dynamite,” on MTV News. “It’s a really fun disco-pop track about doing what we can do, even when things don’t go as planned,” RM said.

But even as 2020 has been the year that things haven’t gone as planned, BTS has continued to thrive. “Dynamite” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. The group had four VMAs, including one for Best Pop.

And now, even if they can’t rock the stadiums with their live show, the group is still making it happen – their latest performance for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (Home) concert series is proof.

This was the Tiny Desk Concert of BTS 2020

The group brought “Dynamite” to life to begin, sitting in a row and dressed in their best ’70s garb – collars and bell-bottoms and a sea of fall-ready earth tones – from a record store in Seoul.

It’s great to see the group perform this way, backed by a band behind them for what is essentially an intimate moment in the store. And it is the first time they interpret the song with the band that accompanies them.

BTS takes advantage of that extra muscle. For “Save Me,” the live piano rhythm and drums give the track a quality of stadium grandeur, even as the action remains based on the various vocalizations between the seven members.

Then “Spring Day” ends its performance on a note of hope, thanks to a preface by RM: “This has been the hardest summer of all, but we know that spring is coming, so let’s go together.

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It is in keeping with a similar message J-Hope told MTV News in that same pre-VMA interview about “Dynamite.”

“We hope this song can be your energy,” he said. If the electrifying and spectacular debut of the VMAs wasn’t enough or if you need a little more, maybe something autumn and sweet, continue the vibes with BTS’s fascinating new Tiny Desk concert. Did you like this presentation? Do you prefer the live shows in the studio versions?


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