BTS breaks The Weeknd’s record on Billboard’s chart


The boys of BTS have dominated the Billboard Hot 100 and broke a new record that until now was The Weeknd. The success of Dynamite continues several weeks after its release, the MV for this tune continues to increase in numbers, but the song also remains at the top of the Billboard chart, so it has set a surprising record.

For an artist, it is not easy to join the top 10 of the Billboard charts, only the most popular stars in the music industry make it, so reaching number 1 on the list is a success.

Very few music icons get this spot for several weeks, but BTS made it through and set a new mark on the Digital Song Sales chart.


The BTS members have been on the Hot 100 chart for several weeks, but they have also dominated the Digital Song Sales chart. It is in this ranking that the idols of Big Hit Entertainment showed their popularity and set a new record.

The group is the one who has been at the top of this list for the longest number of weeks, thus breaking The Weeknd’s record.

Blinding Lights had been at the top of the chart for 4 weeks, while Dynamite has taken first place for 6 weeks so far, will they keep adding numbers?

We also tell you that BTS fans accused a Filipino rapper of having plagiarized Ddaeng, the song in charge of the group’s rap line.

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