BTS breaks a new YouTube record with Boy With Luv


The reproductions of this video already exceed 750 million

The group’s collaboration with Halsey has been popular since its release, making it one of BTS’s most successful comebacks. One year after its release, the Boy With Luv music video continues to establish itself as one of the favorites and most loved by ARMY and other listeners around the world.

This clip recently reached 750 million views on YouTube , being the second video of the idol group to reach that figure and, although DNA reached that amount of view before, Boy With Luv achieved it in a shorter time.

Thus, the colorful clip starring BTS and Halsey has earned recognition as the music video for a K-pop boy group that fastest reached 750 million in their number of views, wow! Another success for the group of the moment.

Jimin’s Serendipity and Jungkook’s My Time also recently took it upon themselves to showcase the power of their music to break down barriers and garner large numbers of plays , but we know that with the support that the group has worldwide, their records will continue to rise.

BTS and its faithful fandom represent a strong union that make each of the group’s releases a global phenomenon, what will be the next record with which BTS will surprise us?

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