BTS breaks a new record on Instagram thanks to their followers


BTS breaks a new record on Instagram thanks to their followers. The boys keep adding achievements.

K-pop is becoming more popular every day, social networks have been essential for the groups to become increasingly known, as well as platforms such as YouTube and Spotify that have served as a boost for the success of idols.

Recently, BTS added one more achievement to his career, this time it is not referring to the musical, but to the conquest of several ARMYs to his troops. We tell you what it is about.

Despite the fact that they do not usually use their Instagram profile much , the boys already had 24 million followers on the social network. It is not the first time that they break a record, a few months ago they did it with the brand of 21 followers.

This achievement positions them as the first group to do so and the first Korean artist to reach that number. Without a doubt, BTS continues to conquer girls with their music, lyrics and messages.

The boys often use Weverse as a form of communication with their fans, they also share photos through Twitter, Instagram is more used to promote their comebacks, but ARMY is always willing to support them to keep breaking records.

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