BTS Breaks All Borders And Brings Korean Art To The MET


BTS demonstrates its great positive impact and how much it helped South Korea to reach the MET. It may seem incredible that just by mentioning BTS, the doors of many people are opened, the impact that the K-Pop group has is impressive.

BTS enjoys worldwide fame and recognition, it is difficult for someone not to know what ‘BTS’ is, perhaps most people have heard of this K-Pop band ; Its popularity is always used in a positive way, of course, although it has attracted many millions of fans , it has also attracted haters.

But being so famous, it has brought many more good things to the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan and their country, South Korea , the ideas about the place, the culture , the tourism; all of that has changed since Bangtan became so well known. BTS broke many paths.

And this time, they do it again, it seems that ‘BTS’ is a magic word that will open the doors of the people closest to them; This is how Korea came to the Metropolitan Museum of Art thanks to the Bangtan Boys , demonstrating a gigantic and positive influence.


The MET or Metropolitan Museum of Art in Spanish is one of the most important and visited museums in the world, located in New York , the United States has millions of works of art from around the world; many countries display their art at the venue and Korea wanted to donate some works.

Tak Hyun-min , Secretary of the Presidential Protocol, was in talks with the museum to accept the artisan work that the South Korean government wanted to donate, but being such a sought after and important place, it was not going to be that easy … Until BTS appeared in the conversation.

“At first they had to wait and were only given a short session to deliver the artwork, but as soon as the name ‘BTS’ was mentioned, they were immediately accepted and given a rooftop garden to host the event. . “

This is how the MET accepted the art from Korea and soon Bangtan came to the museum, RM gave the most inspiring words and was really excited to be there being a big fan of art; It was a moment when Namjoon definitely showed his greatest pride for all Korean artists .

This is something simply amazing, BTS broke any border for South Korea and today the country can excel in much more things even outside of music thanks to the K-Pop group , further proof of their positive influence .


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