BTS breaks Adele’s record in 5 years with Black Swan


It is the only and first group overall to break the iTunes brand. BTS ‘“Black Swan” manages to break a 5-year record set by Adele by ranking #1 on iTunes in 103 Countries.

The group adds another record to their list, the millionaire sales of the boys have helped them achieve goals that only the most popular pop artists have been able to achieve. His pre-release single was positioned at the top of the music platform. We tell you the details.

Despite being 5 months from launch, Black Swan continues to climb the charts, this time breaking a record that held for 5 years. Adele, who became famous for “Rolling in the Deep”, was successful with her song “Hello”, which reached number 1 in 102 countries.

5 Years later, BTS is the first and only K-pop group to exceed its sales within iTunes, leading the first position in 103 countries, something that demonstrates the enormous popularity of the boys within music, winning fans almost all over the world. world.

Black Swan talks about the loss of love about what you are passionate about, with an MV where a collective of contemporary dancers participated in its performance version and with 120 million views in its official video, the song has been one of the greatest achievements of BTS , not only for its aesthetics, but for the figures in the rankings.

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Not long ago, the boys set another record that lasted 36 years , besting Michael Jackson in sales with preorders for “Map of the soul 7: The Journey” on the Oricon platform, Japan’s largest.

But that’s not all, they also surpassed Celine Dion, known for her song “My heart will go on”, BTS managed to sell more than 1 million units with “Lights”, crowning itself as the best-selling single after “To Love you ”by Dion, crown he had for 24 years.

Finally, and not least, 23 years passed and BTS equaled The Beatles record by having 4 albums on #1 of the Billboard chart in less than 2 years, the most important in the United States, something that excited ARMY. How will your next comeback fare in a couple of months?

The boys have also had great solo success, Jimin’s Filter hit a new record for views on Spotify, Daechwita’s MVs and Agust D added 100 million views on YouTube.


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