This is how the BTS boys were when they went to school

This is how the BTS boys were when they went to school. Discover which were the favorite classes of these idols during their predebut stage.

The most popular idols of the moment have shown many of the facets of their lives in front of the cameras, whether on stage, on a talk show or a variety show, as well as on live broadcasts, the boys of BTS constantly share With their followers, some information about their life or their past , as well as what happens while creating new songs.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have these guys as your classmates? The stage of boys as ordinary students has been left behind, since even if they decided to continue with their academic activities, they could not go unnoticed at all due to the great fame and popularity they have achieved.

Read on and discover what BTS members were like while at school , learn about their personality traits that they have maintained and those that have changed, as well as their strengths and weaknesses that accompanied them during those days.

He was a boy with a cool personality who impressed his classmates with his rap skills, interested in machines and computers, so computing was one of the subjects where he obtained better results, on the contrary, mathematics was where he did not go. very well to say.

Jungkook’s favorite subjects were arts, physical education and music, these were the classes where the idol could show his potential and have fun at the same time, outside of them, all his other classes seemed annoying to him.

Jin had many skills for school activities, for that reason he enjoyed most of his classes, however there was one that caused a headache, it is chemistry, it bothered him that more than understanding things he should learn procedures and if I forgot some detail everything would go wrong.

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Taehyung really enjoyed his Music and Physical Education classes, but just like Suga did not do well in Mathematics, so he did not like this class at all.

J-Hope has also mentioned that he really liked going to his music classes, but he had difficulties with mathematics, it put him in a bad mood having to solve problems so this matter was not his forte.

The school skills of this idol were many, that is why he was doing very well in subjects such as humanity, language, English and even in social studies, however it is not possible to be good at everything and, to RM the classes that caused him problems were science and math.

Although Jimin has said that he liked school and enjoyed his classes, he has also chosen art, physical education, math, and chemistry as his favorites, which was not doing so well in history, but still managed to be a outstanding student.

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