BTS boys become street vendors


Jungkook performed a good imitation of the hawkers he has heard and all BTS joined the game. BTS members have many talents on stage, but they could also shine as street vendors on the streets of Korea.

While preparing for the Big Hit group photo shoot , the BTS members took a short break. At that time the stars gathered for the session would be BTS, TXT and singer Lee Hyun .

It was then that Jungkook found a megaphone and did not hesitate to start the fun with his companions. The idol began to review some sentences mentioning items such as computers, refrigerators and televisions, just as the shoppers who walk the streets would do.

Singer Lee Hyun mentioned that Jungkook was really good at doing these knockoffs, and everyone apparently believed the same, because when Jungkook ran out of ideas for his acting as a street vendor , the rest of the group joined this game.

RM suggested that he add ‘second hand stuff’ to his speech about what they were buying. But others encouraged him to sell items instead, Jimin took the megaphone and spoke as if he were selling eggs, promoting them with the benefit of Omega 3.

After this fun game , the members remembered how those sounds were heard in the neighborhoods where they lived when they were younger, noting that each area and each seller had their own style to sing their sale and purchase announcement .

Jungkook acknowledged that he had never heard any of the other vendors his colleagues mentioned, so he simply imitated the person who bought refrigerators.

Did you imagine that in Korea these types of sounds were also heard? It appears that street trading works in a similar way in many parts of the world. How do sellers listen to where you live?

Suga recently received a special message from the Korean Minister of Culture , who praised him for music production and particularly for his song Daechwita .

Watch the video of BTS becoming street vendors below:


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