BTS: BIG HIT’s alleged mistreatment of JIN that has to stop


The BTS fandom ARMY has begun to mobilize against the alleged mistreatment of Jin.

The YouTube channel SeokLove highlighted in a video shared yesterday that BTS’s Jin has allegedly suffered various abuses throughout his career in the art guild by Big Hit.

ARMY defends Jin
As narrated in this video, Jin -the greatest of the BTS- suffers mistreatment by the company by not being included in several projects, not having lines in songs, nor dialogues in the shows.

The ARMY’s comments were not long in coming as many claimed that they had already noticed this and that he had finally come to La Luz to organize against Big Hit so that they know of his discontent.

Comments against BIG HIT

“I really think Big Hit should treat Jin much better, they should give him more lines since he has an excellent voice.”

“It is a lack of respect that they want to devalue their work”

“Poor our Jin, the truth is that I feel that the big hit and the fans have favoritism with a particular boy and it makes me very sad and angry”

“The truth is that Jin is treated like that ugly, he is very talented and has a very beautiful voice”

“Finally someone hears what we shouted years ago …. jin is worth gold”

“Jin deserves a lot of love”

“I really liked big hit but seeing it well no longer”

It is even said that in several songs that Jin has written, he refers to the abuse he has suffered throughout his life as a singer.

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Check out the video below.

Do you think this Youtube video is right? Have you already noticed this kind of contempt towards Jin from BTS?


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