BTS: best moments from Map of the soul ON: E, day 2


BTS says goodbye to ARMY and ends the second day of their online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, relive the best moments.

The BigHit group wrapped up the series of online performances they scheduled this weekend to meet once again with their fans, whom they were unable to see this year due to the global health crisis. The boys of BTS enjoyed until the last moment on stage, the K-pop group revived the performances of their album “Map of the soul 7”.

Through Weverse, BTS presented on day two of their online concert “Map of the soul ON: E”, a show where they revealed the unreleased choreographies of their most recent album, which was released last February. The idols danced, joked and greeted their fans in different languages, they also paraded in different outfits that made them look incredibly handsome.

For more than two hours, the K-pop group delighted ARMY with excellent choreography, emotional performances of songs with special meanings such as “Moon,” by Jin, the memory of their debut song, and toured some of their hits such as ” IDOL ”and“ DNA ”.


You can also watch Inner Child’s performance featuring the boy who stole ARMY’s heart.


Golden Maknae decided to do mischief on stage and joke with his fellow BTS members, as he decided to take one of the cameras and record them with different movements, in the end, the idols enjoyed their time with ARMY.

Yoongi’s injury

The idol confessed that he injured his shoulder, a part of his body that has been ravaged by an accident in the past; however he continued to perform on stage. Yoongi’s music has served as a catharsis to overcome the pain caused by his injury during BTS’s debut.

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Main Dancer

Jungkook surprised the fans with a single performance during one of the songs on “Map of the soul ON: E”, the idol wore a red suit that made him look amazing, in addition to his undercut. Jungkook’s steps were precise and sexy at the same time.


During IDOL’s performance, Suga surprised ARMY with his adorable dance steps, the Bangtan boys took it upon themselves to enjoy their music and time on stage.

No more dream

BTS’s debut song couldn’t be absent from the online concert. The boys performed a dance break during the presentation of this song that marked the beginning of their career, seven years later, the boys are one of the most popular groups in K-pop.



Jin is known for his safety and conquering ARMY hearts, the idol intended to blow a flying kiss during BTS breaks, but Jungkook decided to prank him and cut his romantic moment with fans.


BTS fans gathered from all over the world, so the boys decided to greet each other in their own language, Namjoon surprised the Latin American fans by saying hello and saying a few words in Spanish. Various countries hope that in 2021 or more, the group will be able to tour in America.


BTS presented another of their classics, DNA, one of the songs with which they gave a great jump in popularity and with which they began to gain more and more fans. The boys dressed in stylish outfits and showed their timing for dancing.


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