BTS believes its music is a positive message


The band talked about the importance of positivity in their new album ‘Map os the Soul: 7’

BTS is doing a series of interviews as a promotional part of their most recent album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ , the group has always distinguished itself by the messages of positivity and growth of the human being, they were questioned about how the creative process is and the importance of having these types of songs today.

Especially with an interview ‘Inspiration And Their BTS Army Camping For Days’ for the media ‘Access’, the interviewer told them ‘You guys, celebrate the positive messages in your music , why is that so important?’, BTS He has been in joint campaigns to eradicate bulliyng and other social problems, they have been spokesmen for the motto ‘ Love Myself ‘, in which they try to get people to embrace their physical characteristics , enjoying good mental health.

Suga answered the question by saying that there are not enough artists that have positive messages ‘ you know, I think that with that would make a great change in the world, with little time and had such messages in music, it makes me more creative and I get great positive energy from it the same ‘

They also talked about how it was to work with SIA and how amazing her talent is, J-Hope mentioned that she loves the singer’s hair, they answered Why 7 ?, RM said that BTS were 7, they were 7 years old, it was a lucky number ‘so everything came together at the perfect time to get Map of the Soul: 7 ‘.

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