BTS begins the countdown to their comeback


TS has already started the countdown for his comeback, what surprises do you have in store? Months after the release of “Map of the soul 7”, the group is ready to surprise ARMY with their new single, a preview of what will be their comeback and their new upcoming album.

The song will be in English and a mysterious countdown has already been revealed, we will tell you the details.

The excitement of the next BTS single is beginning, the boys gave a gift to ARMY with a song that will be released this August 21, they explained that it will be a summer song and with which they want to encourage them in the face of the world situation , but it seems that they have programmed several surprises.

The Columbia Records record company shared through their social networks a BTS countdown, comeback ?, teasers? The hour count started today, and no one knows what it is about. Taking into account the time on the timer, the dates and times would be as follows:

It is not yet known what they will reveal in each date and time, they may be individual teasers, posters or advances of their single. BTS will promote this release in a big way, as the Sony label also joined the countdown publications.

ARMY has already created their theories, since they are 7 accounts, 7 colors and they are seven members, they could be teasers for each member, also, the numbers have a retro typeface, will it be the concept of their comeback? BTS is Coming!

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