BTS becomes a shareholder of BigHit


BTS becomes a shareholder of BigHit, will own part of the company and increase its fortune. Since the beginning of the year, the K-pop agency informed the media that it would go public and put its shares up for sale in order to increase economic income and boost the Korean pop business, in addition to taking advantage of popularity. from BTS, how will this new business affect idols?

Through various Korean media, it was announced that BTS became a shareholder of BigHit, that is, that each of the members received shares in the company and will increase their earnings by more than 7.7 million dollars, which will expand their equity financially individually, increasing their status as K-pop stars.

According to reports, BTS received 68,385 in shares, the sum of the properties of the 7 idols results in 33.5 percent of the company, that is, they will own almost half of their agency, but will only have the 6.7 shares, its CEO, Bang Si Hyuk, will have more than 43%.


BigHit has yet to go on sale on the stock exchange, the process is expected to begin by the end of the year and the more than seven million shares of its offering will be sold, which are valued at 748 to 962 million won. If the Financial Services Commission and the Korean Price Index accept the K-pop group’s registration, the members will start to earn more money.

How does this affect BTS? They may only carry out the business in economic terms, in addition, they can invest or buy more shares over time. Regarding decision-making, the percentage of their shares are a minority, but they will have a voice and vote in BigHit discussions alongside other investors.

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Each of the Bangtan boys received the same amount of shares, BigHit’s offer on the stock market could increase its value and by having more income, BTS will receive much more profit, it all depends on how the new businesses develop and who want to invest in the K-pop industry.

Continuing the success of Dynamite, the boys of BTS wish to get a Grammy nomination and win an award at the ceremony.


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