BTS: ARMY wants to save Jin’s restaurant


The ARMY has been concerned about the bankruptcy of TS’s Jin restaurant after the Covid-19 pandemic.

After BTS’s Jin shared the restaurant’s somewhat slow business situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many ARMY guys shared the information and asked everyone to support him in any way possible.

It turns out that Jin and his brother opened a restaurant specializing in Japanese dishes, but nevertheless, like the general situation in Korea, this restaurant is currently in a loss due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

You have to remember that it was in 2018, Jin and his brother Kim Seok Jung opened a restaurant together called Ossu Seiromushi. Seok Jung is the owner, while younger brother Seok Jin is the director.

The restaurant specializes in Japanese seiro-mushi dishes, which are cooked in a wooden steamer. The menu here includes beef, sliced ​​pork, eggs, and a variety of mushrooms, vegetables, and other side dishes.

With the reputation of the oldest member of BTS, as well as the quality of the restaurant’s food, this place performed quite well until the COVID-19 outbreak in Korea sparked the general business crisis, including restaurants.

The ARMY supports Jin in the face of crisis

Jin said that his brother is also struggling to help the restaurant endure in difficult times due to the complicated crisis and that is why right after the broadcast about the older idol’s participation in MBC, the ARMY invited the restaurant to support their idols.

Many people have shared information and urged people to “rescue” Ossu Seiromushi, as the influence of idols in Korea is not small, so this fan action will likely help revive the restaurant’s slow business situation.

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It should be noted that there are even many people who ask for donations to support the Seok Jin brothers, although many people think that this is not the way, because instead of donating money directly to the restaurant, it would be more reasonable to come to eat or buy takeout and not affect Jin’s image.


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