BTS: ARMY wants RM to hit 70 Million before his birthday


ARMY is ready for RM’s birthday and they have this goal to celebrate BTS

As we have previously mentioned, RM has a birthday on September 12, so there are just a few days left until we celebrate Namjoon, that is why ARMY has set itself the task of performing dynamics so that the famous person feels more loved than ever. during this special day.

One of the dynamics is that ARMY is looking for the song “Persona” of the leader of BTS to reach 70 million Streams, the main question is Will they make it?

According to a chain of tweets, several members of the BTS fan club around the world have sought this song to reach 70 million, and so far they have reached 69 million, so there are a few days left to break this record .

Watch the video for “Persona”

Kim NamJoon’s birthday is such a special date that even newscasts around the world have begun to announce that the birthday of this industry great is just a few days away.

“The Peruvian newscast ’24 hours’ announced Kim Namjoon’s birthday as one of the important dates of September in the music industry,” posted a fan.

Apparently social networks are flooded with congratulations and trends related to Rap Monster on September 12, where this performer, rapper, and composer will turn 26 years of life.

By the way, Namjoon has been listed as one of the best composers in all of South Korea, as he has more than 160 pieces registered to his name, which classifies him not only as one of the youngest, but also as one of the most talented.

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Do you think ARMY will break the record? Do you consider Namjoon one of the best songwriters? tell us in the comments.


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