BTS: ARMY remembers V day dressed as Snow White


ARMY is trending on Twitter the day BTS’s V dressed up as the iconic Disney princess: Snow White.

The boys of BTS have managed to gain a great space in our hearts for several reasons, among them their multiple artistic talents and their unique personality that always ends up surprising us.

And this time it was V who managed to become a trend on Twitter after ARMY remembered the day this K-Pop icon dressed up as the iconic Disney princess, Snow White.

Although all the members of BTS have their great charm, we cannot deny that Taehyung has become one of the favorites among the band, and who has managed to surprise us with his different skills and talents.

The day V dressed up as Snow White

However, this time it was not any of his skills that managed to drive the entire ARMY crazy, but a couple of photographs in which we can see the handsome V turned into a Disney princess.

As if that were not enough, the fandom of this South Korean boy band, recalled that on that occasion not only Taehyung surprised with his Snow White costume, but the other members of the band completed the scene by being transformed as the iconic dwarfs.

BTS as a Disney tale

According to the information circulating on the same social networks, the BTS boys dress up as different characters every Halloween, and one of their last characterizations was about this fairy tale.

As expected, these images of V transformed into the Snow White princess have become a trend in social networks, where fans have remembered this epic boy band moment.

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