BTS: ARMY remembers Jin’s great talent LIVE


In a Twitter video, ARMY recalled how well BTS’s Jin sings. This recording is from a video from a few years ago. Do not miss it!

Jin has great vocal talent which he has honed throughout his BTS career. At concerts, he usually shows it with great force and ARMY does not go unnoticed because although in 2020 we could not enjoy BTS concerts, many manage to remember them in past videos.

During their presentations they put the maximum effort as in each video and choreography they put together. They try to achieve perfection to give their audience a worthy show to enjoy and remember all their lives.


In the songs of BTS there are different solos where the members feel have the opportunity to demonstrate their voice in the singular and each time Jin sings leaves everyone perplexed.

Jin is the greatest of the boy band and something that characterizes him is his good humor since he is always laughing and making jokes to his teammates.

ARMY has always defended Jin, even when it was rumored that Big Hit did not take him into account, the fan club has always shown that they love each and every one of the members equally and in anything they will defend them tooth and nail .

Without a doubt, each of the members of the group has characteristics in their voices that make the group originally from South Korea have achieved world fame and that more and more members of ARMY are.

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