BTS: ARMY, Jin, and V being ignored at MTV VMA 2020


ARMY showed their anger on social media to learn that Jin and V were removed from a BTS video for MTV VMA’s 2020.

Today has been a very special day for the ARMY because the 2020 edition of the MTV Video Music Awards was held, an event in which the boys of BTS would sing their new single ‘Dynamite’ live for the first time and were also featured in four important categories.

Everything was perfect for the ARMY, from the little interviews they did with the idols to the moment when it was announced that they would win 3 awards, but unfortunately a small editing error on the part of the MTVLA account caused his anger to the noticing that Jin and V were removed from a promo video.

The MTVLA account on Twitter shared a video with the ARMY where they announced that the Best Group category was yet to come and that BTS was one of the nominees with the best chance of winning, but when playing the video the entire fandom realized that Jin and V were replaced by Jimin and Jungkook, who appeared twice in the clip.

ARMY lashes out at MTV VMA’s 2020

ARMY considered disrespectful the fact that the CMs of MTVLA’s Twitter account removed Jin and V from the promotional video for the Best Group category at the 2020 VMAs, especially because the images of Jimin and Jungkook that they used to replace them were identical .

So far no statement has been obtained from the Latin American account of the channel and although everything seems to indicate that it was an editing error, the ARMY is not happy and they ask that the video be fixed so that the 7 members of the South Korean band appear.

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BTS managed to become the phenomenon of the night of the MTV VMA’s 2020 by winning the categories of Best Pop Video and Best K-Pop Video with the song ‘On’, they also managed to become the Best Group of this year and if that were not enough They made New York City explode with the incredible performance of their new single ‘Dynamite’.


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