BTS: ARMY is the “Tiny Tan” version of RM!


The boys of BTS have been turned into the most adorable characters, however RM’s “Tiny Tan” version is the one that has most captivated all of ARMY.

We cannot deny that the BTS band has become a phenomenon within the music industry, where its fame has spread to the most remote places on the face of the earth, thanks to all the efforts of ARMY.

And one of the characteristics that we fall most in love with the boys of BTS are their very different but adorable personalities, something that has been perfectly reflected through the characters of “Tiny Tan”, where RM has won the award for the most charming.

Recall that RM has distinguished himself for being the great leader of the group, who has not only shown great artistic talent, but has also become one of the most important members in the success of this South Korean boyband.

ARMY freaks out with RM’s “Tiny Tan” version

So describing RM through a couple of words seems to us one of the most complicated tasks, however “Tiny Tan” has been very successful in describing the leader of the group as “Unbreakable and Cuteness”, that is, “Indestructible and Adorable ”

A tender video in which we can see the animated version of this great K-Pop idol, with its physical characteristics that we love the most, its impeccable hair and its great style in its way of dressing, totally adorable and successful!

Check out the “Tiny Tan” version of BTS!

It is worth mentioning that RM’s “Tiny Tan” version was the first to be published, so far it has more than 320,000 thousand likes and 114,000 thousand retweets less than 10 hours after being published.

Although we have loved this adorable version of the leader of BTS, we know that RM has many other characteristics that we fall in love with every day, what other description would you have added to RM’s “Tiny Tan”?


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