BTS: ARMY, funny meme inspired by Jungkook


BTS: ARMY shares the best and funniest meme Jungkook has inspired, “Jungshook”

BTS found its way into the hearts of millions of people around the world with their immaculate dance moves, graceful looks, soulful lyrics, charismatic personalities, and social conscience.

The septet is unrivaled in its art, but it also has excellent comedic gifts, and Jungkook in particular has inspired several memes but only one is considered in the top 10 by the ARMY.

Social media gave fans fun moments to remember, as BTS shared the best and worst moments of their lives, so as we await the boyband’s long-awaited return on the 22nd we present to you the memorable meme that Jungkook inspired.

ARMY’s Favorite Jungkook Meme
Jungkook never misses the opportunity to share all aspects of his personality, and a part of this that always leaves the ARMY amused and confused is when the idol “disconnects”.

Jungkook’s expression changes to one that borders on terror and is now known as “Jungshook”. With so many versions of the meme, it is still attractive to the ARMY.

Did you already know “Jungshook”? Do you think it is the best meme that Jungkook has inspired? Tell us in the comments.

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