BTS: ARMY excited to see blonde Suga


The ARMY is dying with excitement to know what color BTS’s Suga hair is going to be painted.

After a long stint with black hair, a memory of blonde Suga was shared on instagram and this drove the ARMY crazy. As we well know, BTS boys usually change their look several times a year but many of Suga’s fans agree that the blonde suited him very well.

Suga is one of the favorites for her angelic face, although with black hair she has obtained a somewhat rougher facade but if you look at her as blond, she will surely steal your heart from the tenderness that her beautiful face gives.

Suga: Is it your new look?

This could also not be just a memory, it may be Suga’s new makeover since a few days ago it was announced that they would soon try new hair colors. However, on Twitter this was denied as they say that Suga will continue with black hair as we have seen it on several occasions.

Be that as it may, the BTS fandom will remain faithfully in love with each and every member of the group because what matters most to ARMY is its simplicity and talent with music.

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Are you a fan of BTS? Leave in the comments what color you think Suga will dye his hair next.

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