BTS: Another HOT photo with Jin’s idol Shirtless


A few days ago, Jin posted a revealing selfie alongside one of his BTS peers and turned on the internet.

ARMY, sure they are not prepared but we have another shirtless photo of Jungkook and for this spectacular image we must thank Jin. A few days ago, BTS fans came across a red-hot photograph that left many with their mouths open.

Jin decided to provoke an online frenzy with the help of a shirtless Jungkook. Okay, so here it has happened: Seokjin casually connected to Twitter and decided to share three photos on that social network.

The singer posed in a yellow hoodie on the first fairly regular selfie, to be honest. But things heated up in the second and third. The two images see that in Jin’s selfie Jungkook manages to “sneak in.”

But it’s not a casual shock, JK doesn’t have a shirt on and boy, his arm muscles are in plain sight. That boy is doing a lot of exercise!

The Moon singer shared the images with the caption: “A Jungkookie who stands in the way because photos are being taken, and a Seokjine who uploads them as they are.” Look at the pictures below:

ARMY goes crazy with the photo of the BangTan Boys

It only took a few minutes when the tweet was posted and fans had a crisis courtesy of Jungkook. “Does it get in the way topless?” asked a surprised ARMY. “I want to scream Damn it!” Added another fan. “But can we talk about those muscles? ! ”Said another member of the fandom.

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Artists Jeon Jung-kook and Kim Seok-jin have proven to have one of the strongest friendships within the South Korean group. Even ARMY is very happy every time both boys publish their moments together on their social networks.

Jin’s daring photo with her BTS partner went viral on social media within hours of sharing it. And although it’s been a few weeks since the publication, ARMY still maintains in her dreams the spectacular visual delight that the idols gave away.

However, many fans hope that soon the Worldwide Handsome will also decide to show her physical turning in very little clothing. Would you like to see Jin shirtless like Jungkook did?


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