BTS announces Map of the Soul-inspired shop


The boys of BTS are preparing for the opening of a new store and revealed a promotional video of this Pop Up Store.

A big surprise for BTS fans has just been revealed, the idol group will have a new Pop Up Store where ARMY can find a large number of items. The announcement came along with a very special video that reveals some clues of what we will be able to see in this store.

The animated clip begins by showing some scenarios in blue tones while taking us through various areas of daily life, such as a park, school and the streets, it is then that the screen acquires a bright tone and some changes illuminate the dynamics in the video.

Little by little the city fills with color and it is then that the image of BTS’s Pop Up Store appears, are you excited about the opening of this store?

The promotional video revealed does not specify much information about this establishment, however, it did show that it will be inspired by the history of Map Of The Soul.

It is likely that there is the possibility of making purchases directly in store and online, since the animation shows us a person clicking with a mouse and later, picking up a package that is delivered to their door.

On the other hand, you surely remember that in the Pop Up Store that the group previously opened, the predominant colors were pink and warm, but everything seems to indicate that they will experience a different style by implementing cold colors for the next opening.

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