BTS and TXT to be part of I-LAND’s grand finale


The end of I-LAND is near, a new group is about to debut, and TXT and BTS will show their full support. The survival reality of Bighit is about to air its last episode, the K-pop company created this project to search for the new boy group of 2020. Varis trainees had to fulfill missions and tests to rate their performance and avoid being eliminated from the competition , TXT, and BTS will join the grand finale to welcome the new rookies.

Through social networks, I-LAND revealed in a new teaser that BTS and TXT will be the special guests to live the reality finale, the last episode will be broadcast live and K-pop groups will be part of the ceremony to meet to the new BigHit idols, who could have their official debut in the industry in the coming months of 2020.

The BigHit company grows more and more thanks to the income generated by its artists, so they continue to bet on new generations of singers. The “I-LAND” trainees will have to face their last test before they can fulfill their dream of becoming an idol. The final will take place on Friday, September 18 at 6am Mexico time.

You can follow the live broadcast from the YouTube channels of Mnet and BigHit Labels, the teaser only shows the names of the boys as part of the broadcast, but it is unknown if they will be some type of judges or if they will put a final test that They must overcome, but both groups will be able to give words of encouragement to the next rookies and their future companions.

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The presence of BTS was also present during the development of the program and as part of the training of the I-LAND trainees, as the boys participated in one of the episodes, even Jungkook played a prank on them by wanting to steal their food. They also encouraged them during the confinement, as “Dynamite” sounded in this Friday’s episode.

The participants had to do the housework and had fun to the beat of the Bangtan song. Aspiring K-pop idols are one week away from being able to fulfill their dream, only 7 will be part of the new BigHit group, some had to say goodbye to the fans early and 9 were left in the competition.


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