BTS and their new album will break a unique record in K-Pop


There is no doubt that Bangtan Sonyeondan is one of the K—Pop groups that is at the top of popularity not only in South Korea, but all over the world. The band is constantly breaking records, and with their new album they will get a new achievement.

BTS will release a new album on June 10 this year, which has caused great expectations among all their fans. In addition, with this new album, they will get a new record that no other band in the history of K-Pop has previously achieved.

BTS fans can’t be more proud of their idols’ achievements. Because they stand out not only individually, but also as a group, they have managed to fulfill their dreams and gain great recognition around the world.

Without a doubt, the musical trajectory of this South Korean band has touched every one of its fans and shown them that no matter where you come from, you can dare to dream as high as you want.


By releasing their new album, Bangtan Sonyeondan will become the first K-Pop group to reach 10 years of activity, and none of its members have left the group or gone on hiatus.

Since the BTS members did not have to take a leave of absence for military service and did not decide to leave the group, they will receive an achievement that no other K-Pop group has previously achieved. In addition, they have earned the admiration of not only their fans, but also the Korean public.

One of the K-Pop groups that has a similar achievement recognized by the Guinness Book of Records is the legendary first-generation group Shinhwa. However, although there were never any line-up changes in the band, they had to remain inactive at different periods of their musical career, including when the members were doing military service.


Since all seven members of the group are in South Korea, the BTS members will be able to focus on preparing for their return, which is scheduled for June 10 this year. Although no further details about his return have been revealed, other than a teaser video that appeared at the end of the concert, fans can’t hide their excitement about his return.

So far, only a video teaser has been shown with clips from the entire musical path of BTS since their debut. ARMIE hopes that the members will return with a full album and many other surprises. Have you already started saving up for her new album?