BTS and their Friendship Tattoo that the ARMY will Never See


Surely you’ve also thought about getting a tattoo next to your best friends. We don’t blame you, it’s more common than you think, so much so that the guys from BTS think the same. In this way, demonstrate that your friendship goes beyond contracts. It’s actually forever, where do you think they would apply them?

Tattoos are drawings that adorn your skin, this is a very serious topic that you need to think about with great responsibility, you should know very well who to go to and explore in which areas you will be interested in using them, because depending on which part of your body it is; this is the level of pain, because there are a few percent.

If you have ever thought about applying, it should be under your responsibility or the responsibility of your parents. Tattoos are something very beautiful, as their design varies, and everyone is responsible for finding meaning for it, as well as giving it value. This is something that Bangtan understand very clearly and they will get a tattoo.


This is a very serious topic that the guys from this K-Pop group have taken up. Surely they think very clearly and seriously. Through the Weverse account, ARMIE asked Taehyung if they wanted to get a tattoo. V answered his fan’s question without fear of success.

This is a friendship tattoo, like the Avengers actors, because these guys really love this movie and probably found a very deep meaning in it. This may mean that their friendship is unbreakable, it is made of steel, it is strong and they can solve all the problems in the world.

Or just because they’re big fans of this movie series. They may have different meanings, but each person finds his own, and this is absolutely correct, so this is something that the interpreters of “Dope” understand very clearly. What do you think? Would you like to stumble upon something like this? Most likely, yes.

BTS told where they would get a friendship tattoo

As for these tattoos, V doesn’t remember very well who was the inspiration behind this idea, but he has a vague recollection that the person who came up with this was Shoogar. But if there is something that the interpreter understands quite clearly, then where should this new design go, which will forever leave a mark on his skin, you will probably want to know. Really?

This tattoo will go to a pretty important area, and it’s a place where no one will be able to see. Surely many have thought, and most likely your mom suggested it to you when you were thinking about getting it, since it’s about the right buttock. What do you think? Surely your mother told you once.

Remember that everyone is free to do with their body what they want, and this is something that the interpreters of “FIre” understand very clearly, and perhaps the day will come when they will get a tattoo and inform ARMIE about it, but if the result cannot be seen, of course, this is what it was applied to the right buttock. He’s him.