BTS and Hyundai come to FIFA for one reason: sustainable development


If you’re an ARMIE and a football fan, you’ve probably heard about the new Hyundai project that RM participated in. The South Korean car brand cares about the environment and with the help of BTS will talk about sustainability at the World Cup.

RM from BTS is the narrator of the new Hyundai Motors trailer for FIFA. This video talks about the sustainability plan launched by the company, which will be promoted during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

BTS members have always taken care of various causes, especially those that affect the world as a whole. For this reason, they did not hesitate to take part in a new Hyundai project aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives through a sustainable development project.

For this reason, the ARMIS can no longer be proud of the BTS members, as they have repeatedly demonstrated how committed they are to the good of the planet. His participation in the new Hyundai project proves this.


In a one-minute video released by Hyundai, RM from BTS asked users which goal was the best, whether it was the one that excites all his fans, marks a point in history, or a goal (goal) that all humanity should join in order to improve. .

The BTS leader plays with words in English, because goal (goal) in English, in addition to being the name given to the team when it scores in football, also means goal. And in the video RM talks about the main goal that humanity should have right now — to achieve greater stability of the planet.

The project, which Hyundai will launch at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, starts on Earth Day, and its goal is to ensure that people who are united by a passion for football are also united by the desire to protect the Earth from the changes it is currently facing. Hyundai plans to promote global sustainability, which you can find at the following link: