Bts And Hybe Will Take Legal Action Against Cryptocurrency Army Coin


HYBE seeks to resolve the controversy that has been created around the new cryptocurrency called ‘ARMY Coin’ supposedly created by the BTS fandom.


BTS has a great fandom, its fans are spread all over the planet and there is no country that does not have at least one Bangtan Sonyeondan fan supporting and loving their favorite K-Pop group; always characterized by the great achievements that he has achieved alongside Bangtan.

ARMY always demonstrates the great impact that the Bangtan Boys leave on each fan, with positive actions and an amazing job in each release, the boy band knows very well that thanks to the support of the fans it is that they have earned the place where is it so.

Although ARMY always helps to protect BTS, there is never a lack of those who seek to take advantage of the image of the band and even their fans, there are haters who also tend to work and try to represent a threat to the great team that the fans and Bangtan have formed.

This time, someone has used the image of BTS and ARMY for a new cryptocurrency, HYBE will take legal action against those responsible because both names are being used without due permission.


On October 25, the Singapore Bitget platform that is in charge of cryptocurrency exchange, announced a new currency on its portal called ‘ARMY Coin’, proclaiming that this currency existed for the benefit of BTS and that it had the objective of taking care of the life of Bangtan members for life.

The company was looking for the idol fandom to affiliate with this cryptocurrency, with an image of ARMY Bomb, the color purple and the legend ‘We trust BTS’, this new ‘special’ coin was announced.

The next day of its publication Bitget announced that there were already people who had joined with this cryptocurrency that was supposedly for BTS, but neither the band nor HYBE authorized the use of the name of the group and the fandom for this.


HYBE issued a statement in which it announced that those responsible for the creation of this cryptocurrency would be sought, in addition to legal action for the misuse of the image of Bangtan Sonyeondan and his fanbase.

We are currently investigating legal violations in this case, including cryptocurrency’s infringement of our artists’ portrait rights without the agency’s permission or speaking to it. We will take legal action against all infractions and violations.

HYBE also warns the fandom about messages being received about this cryptocurrency that is supposedly to help maximize BTS’s earnings, but this is not the case, fans should be very careful not to accept information that is not duly official.