BTS and Coldplay Are Triumphing With My Universe Before Releasing It


Coldplay and BTS have collaborated for a song and it is already a success before its premiere. Very soon we will hear a great song for which BTS collaborated with Coldplay and we cannot wait for its premiere, the excitement is so much that this composition is already triumphant before its big release.

In the opinion, the whole collaboration of BTS is an imminent success, either brands or with other artists , the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan are experts in turning something into a real hit ; breaking records and demonstrating great global dominance, this K-pop group leaves a permanent mark on music history .

All the success and great achievements of the Bangtan Boys are a reality thanks to all the effort and work of their fans as well, their global fanbase , ARMY never stops and shows all their love, support and admiration for the South Korean group ; making all the dreams of idols and fandom come true.

So, thanks to the power of ARMY, their desire to show how much they love BTS idols , the band triumphs in every aspect and there are still many achievements to be achieved that although they represent a challenge for both, the fandom and the group will arrive. to the top without hesitation.


For the collaboration of Bangtan and Coldplay , an official CD of ‘My Universe’ has been released, in addition to the digital song and both are already succeeding in the music market around the world as this physical album is sold out in all stores of the world; topping over 1 million pre-orders and dominating iTunes charts, for example, pre-order as well .

Next September 24th will be the day of the great premiere of this BTS x Coldplay collaboration and we will finally be able to listen to a composition that mixes the best talents from different parts of the world just to let us see that there are no borders for music; neither for Bangtan nor ARMY as they are making this song a hit even before its release.

But while we wait a few more days for the release of ‘My Universe’, you can read more news from BTS , because very soon they will have a new concert online.