BTS: Alleged private information of V leaked


BTS: Alleged private information of V leaked. Sometimes fans exceed limits by wanting to know everything about their idols.

BTS is a group that has gained great popularity in many countries of the world, the number of fans increases every day thanks to their music; however, their fame often puts them in danger or in situations of harassment.

Recently, Taehyung’s personal information was revealed in a YouTube video . We tell you what we know.

Sometimes there are fans who want to know everything about their idols, from blood type, who are their relatives, girlfriend, cell phone number, among others, but they exceed the limits of privacy and harassment . A YouTuber, whose name has not been released, apparently shared a copy of Taehyung’s passport .

The rumors started when a photo was circulated on social media after ARMY will start a campaign against the YouTuber for publishing data and exposing the idol that way. It is not known if the passport is real, that is, that the forgery was made from the original.

All the information is in Chinese, but it does show the real name of the idol . So far, BigHit hasn’t released a statement about it, but some ARMYs are asking for #ProtectTaehyung for action to be taken.


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