BTS agenda for March and April 2022, what events will ARMY have?


BTS has everything ready to give ARMY new moments together, during March and April 2022 we will have many things from the group that the fandom will be able to enjoy to the fullest, this is their calendar of activities for both months.

After the long wait, BTS will finally be able to meet ARMY in person once again, although in 2021 they had 3 special dates where they could see their fans, these were not enough, in addition to the fact that the idol group is expected to perform in many more countries in the world.

It seems that the planet stopped for a couple of years due to the global contention, but thanks to the breakthrough, many face-to-face activities are already resuming and Bangtan Sonyeondan will take every opportunity to give new memories to their fans.

And it is that for ARMY, a Bangtan Boys concert would be a dream come true, not to mention that the fan base has everything ready for a new comeback of the group because we know that it will have all the support and love that distinguishes this club from fans.

But without getting too far ahead of ourselves, here we have the BTS agenda for March and April 2022, both months will be full of events for ARMY that no fan can miss and the best thing is that some of them will be broadcast all over the world.


BTS already has many activities prepared for March and April 2022, among which will be mostly face-to-face concerts that can also be seen online and in the cinema; in addition to a very important presentation and all this will surely bring more content from Bangtan Sonyeondan such as interviews, vlogs and photos.

Here we leave you the list of important dates for ARMY during the following months.

March 9 Suga’s Birthday

March 10: First date Permission To Dance On Stage In Seoul (face-to-face and online)

March 12: Second date PTD On Stage In Seoul with broadcast in theaters around the world

March 13: Third date of PTD On Stage In Seoul (face-to-face and online)

April 3: Presentation at the Grammy Awards

April 8: First date Permission To Dance On Stage In Las Vegas (face-to-face)

April 9: Second date PTD On Stage In Las Vegas (face-to-face)

April 15: Third date PTD On Stage In Las Vegas (face-to-face)

April 16 Fourth date PTD On Stage In Las Vegas (face-to-face and online)

ARMY from all over the world will be able to be part of BTS’s upcoming performances in Korea and the United States, thanks to the broadcast of their concerts in the cinema and online, so the fandom can’t wait any longer to see them again.


For these next events, the sale of tickets will be very soon, ARMY from various parts of the world have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas to enjoy BTS live, tickets for these following concerts will go on sale next February 26 at 5 PM Pacific Time and will be available for purchase through Tickermaster USA.

Get ready to see the best of BTS once again on stage, the idol group has everything ready to once again delight their fans live and in full color.

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