BTS advertising is removed from stores in China


The members of BTS now work with brands with global reach, but the advertising of these idols was removed from stores in China after a controversy that emerged on social media.

2020 has given BTS great opportunities, including appearing at various awards and celebrations. One event that had their presence was the annual ceremony of The Korea Society, but the speech of these artists gave way to a discussion among internet users that led to the withdrawal of advertising from the Big Hit Entertainmnent group in China.

Recently, the members of BTS were selected to attend the Van Fleet award ceremony, an event that recognizes and rewards figures who have made contributions to strengthen the relationship between the United States and South Korea.

This event commemorated the struggle of the soldiers who were part of the Korean War, but RM’s speech drew criticism from internet users in China.

The BTS leader pointed out that they will always remember the past that both nations shared, being a story of sacrifice that is now part of the bond that unites them. But because China was also part of this armed conflict, many people expressed their annoyance that the soldiers from that country did not have a mention in the speech.


The comments on social networks gained strength and showed the annoyance of several people of Chinese origin and, although many point out that the video of the speech broadcast in that country was strategically placed in a way that lent itself to criticism and arouse controversy, several brands They chose to remove the advertising and exclusive BTS products from their stores.

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Hyundai, Samsung and FILA are some of the companies that currently have Bangtan Sonyeondan as their image and global ambassadors, but now they do not have advertisements for the group in the Chinese market and have even removed some publications where they point out the connection with the boys of Big Hit Entertainment.

Although the companies did not indicate if it is a response to public opinion or a lack of stock in the products, a large part of the fans consider that it is an action to avoid being affected by the controversy in that country.

However, the response of many Koreans indicates that it seems quite logical that the idols did not mention any other country because, in the first instance, it was a ceremony that celebrates the ties between South Korea and the United States, but also Because Chinese soldiers fought for North Korea. What do you think about this discussion?

Meanwhile, BTS just broke a new record on the Billboard chart, all thanks to the success that Dynamite and the Savage Love remix had with fans in the United States.


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