BTS admit that they felt after the Grammy results


On April 3, 2022, the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony took place, the k-pop group BTS was nominated in the category “Best Pop Performance by a Duo/Group”, it was expected that the boy band would win, but it was not so, and the participants reacted as follows.

Yes, we know very well that we all wanted Bangtan Boys to win the award for “Best Pop Performance by a Duo/Group” with the song “Butter”, it was not so, but the fact that they were nominated is already a career success. translators.

Despite this, the boy band members reacted positively to the situation and talked about how they feel about the result that the music academy gave. Although this would be a historic event in the musical career of the idols, we hope that it will happen next year.


Via V Live, the Dynamite translators communicated with ARMY to tell them how they spent the night, and everyone noted that they had fun, as they saw great artists bragging on stage, and they had a lot learned.

Jimin was a little disappointed with the result, but, nevertheless, the idol appreciated the support of his fans, both V and Jungkook admitted that participating in the award ceremony was exciting, as they saw the performances of many artists.

On the other hand, Suga pretended that everything was fine, but actually admitted that he was sad, just as Jin and V said that they were not sad either. Unlike the RM leader, the rapper openly admitted that he was not satisfied with the announced results.


The guys from the K-Pop group were nominated in the category “Best Pop Performance by a duo/group” together with Doja Cat and Sza, Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco, Coldplay, Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett, although the performers of “Kiss Me More” became winners, getting into the nomination is an achievement.

As we told you at Nation Rex, Bantan performed well at the GRAMMY Awards ceremony 2022, the idols developed an amazing choreography in the pure style of James Bond, which charmed everyone, as there is a lot of originality in the group.

Having presented an interesting concept on the stage of the 64th Grammy Awards Ceremony, BTS patiently waited for the results from the academy and who would be the winner that night, and that’s how they felt.

The members of this K-Pop group admitted that they feel a little sad and disappointed, but, of course, this is what marks their career and life, we hope that they will be nominated again and will soon become winners.

Congratulations to rapper Doja Cat, of course, this is a very important achievement in her creative career. ARMIE, don’t be sad. Next year the boys will win, as they are very talented and will achieve everything. fight!

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