BTS: 7 details hidden in “Other: Ego” by J-Hope


J-Hope’s “Outro: EGO” is one of BTS’s most popular music videos. These are the 7 hidden details behind the topic.

BTS’s video for “Outro: Ego” was revealed on YouTube earlier this year, and unsurprisingly the group’s fandom reacted with excitement, trending on Twitter and racking up millions of views quickly.

The video starring Jung Hoseok, better known by his stage name J-Hope, stands in contrast to SHADOW, the first trailer for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, as this latest piece is packed with vibrant colors unlike its predecessor.

The video is full of references to BTS’s loyal fandom and the hit K-pop group’s bygone eras. We share with you 7 theories and references that ARMY’s investigating eye has discovered in the “Outro: Ego” music video.

1. J-Hope representing mythological gods

“Oh my God!” This EGO verse has literal meanings since in the video, J-Hope appears in paintings that resemble divinities from different cultures. Those who most caught the attention of the ARMY were Zeus, god of the sky in Greek culture and Ra, Egyptian god of the sun.

2. J-Hope’s car

If you’re a true BTS fan (like the Truth News team) you’ll know that Hobi’s car bears a plaque that represents a significant date for ARMY: BTS’s debut date in the K-pop industry on 13 June 2013.

3. J-Hope and the route to his dreams

In one of the scenes, the rapper is driving down the road. The fandom detectives were able to recognize what each of the signs said: “future and follow your dreams.” You can also see a large building with neon letters bearing J-Hope’s name.

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4. A message to ARMY

One of the scenes shows the lyrics of the song painted on the wall. It is one of the verses that J-Hope would be dedicating to his loyal fans. “Only one hope, only one soul, only one smile, only you.” At the end of the verse is the ARMY fandom logo.

5. BTS’s past

This is the easiest observation to notice. Hoseok opens the video with a fleeting account of the ages of BTS. It begins by remembering the intro to No More Dream, which was its debut in 2013, then it goes backwards from the MV for Boy with Luv, Idol, Save me and others.

One more hidden frame shows all of BTS and Hobi’s projects displayed in a shop window.

6. References to Peru, Argentina and Mexico in Ego

A pleasant surprise for the Latin fans. Some followers saw this frame of J-Hope and noticed that the colors of the typeface matched the flags of some Spanish-speaking countries. Can you see the similarity in the image? Will they indicate a BTS tour of Latin America or will it be a mere coincidence?

7. J-Hope and Hope World

ARMY keeps repeating that “Outro: Ego” has the hallmark of Hoseok in every aspect. In both the visual narrative and the vibrant and energetic sound, the theme reflects the optimism that this K-pop star wants to convey in accordance with his stage name: hope.


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