BTS, 6 things that could happen on the next album


These are some things we expect from the comeback of the idol group of the moment, BTS. BTS’s comeback is getting closer. Among a large number of tracks, theories and loose threads that we are still trying to unite, the boys of BTS have awakened the emotion of their fandom that eagerly awaits the return of the group.

Despite all the difficulties, this has been a great year for ARMY and BTS, not only were they a total success with the promotions for Map of the soul: 7 earlier this year, but they also released their latest Japanese album material. , joined the OST for a movie and will be back with more music very soon.

The talent of these boys is impressive and their creative spirit unstoppable. So BTS has shared with their fans some of the things they have discussed and planned for their next album.

In addition, with each new signal of this comeback, it is impossible not to idealize what we will be able to see in the new stage of BTS that is about to begin.

Taking into account some of our expectations and clues that the members have pointed out, we invite you to read some of the things that we expect from this comeback or that we suspect could happen.

1) On the latest album, BTS members worked on some sub-units and enjoyed this moment so much that even during FESTA 2020 they took some portraits following those groupings.

For that reason we believe that the BTS guys will want to show new teams and rearrange the sub units, this will allow them to further experiment with their music and come up with new ideas.

2) You will probably remember that Suga was expanding him horizons as an artist. We know that he is very talented in the musical field, but the idol began to experiment with the arts and made some paintings. That makes us think that perhaps the cover of BTS’s next album will take up some elements of the arts to present a new concept.

3) When the quarantine started, BTS members got down to business on their next record material, however it was V who even showed off some of the music he was working on. While it was not known for sure if all the tunes he created would be for the mixtape he is planning, it is possible that he has also prepared tunes to perform alongside his peers, so we hope that the next album will include compositions by Taehyung.

4) BTS’s boys have been recognized around the world, but it’s not just about their fans, but other music stars have also taken an interest in their work. Previously they presented a collaboration with Halsey for one of their comebacks, but with the growth they have had and their approach to other musicians, this new album could give us another collaborative melody. Would you like it?

5) Previously, J-Hope and RM came to a professional to learn about vintage cameras. The duo noted that they were looking for equipment that would allow them to capture a style they already had in mind for their next album, so they tested different cameras and received some insight.

From this, we can suspect that if everything goes according to their plans, soon we could see a new style and created by these guys for the photobooks of the following record material.

6) Although BTS idols previously featured some solos as well, there is no doubt that those songs have won the hearts of ARMYs as they have even broken big records thanks to the numbers reached. So we think the next album will take up this idea and feature some individual songs. What do you think could happen on the next BTS album?

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