BTS: 3 RM’s winter looks to replicate


RM from BTS is a fashion icon and for this winter season here we will show you 3 incredible looks from Rap Monster.

BTS’s RM has become a fashion icon and now that the winter season has begun, it doesn’t hurt to show off three basic outfits that can make you look amazing during posadas and Christmas parties.

It should be noted that in 2020 we have had to go through a pandemic that locked everyone at home so maybe this December there will not be many events with crowds, however you can always get ready even if it is just to be at home.

RM looks for the cold

In the first image we see RM with a green sweater and with his look he looks like a Sytherin student at Hogwarts since underneath he wears a white shirt and a tie, so you could use it to go to the office during this cold season.

In the second image we have the perfect combination between a light sweater and a brown corduroy jacket, plus a white turtleneck was also the perfect match for the popular idol’s outfit for rainy weather, what do you think?

In the last option we see Namjoon with a black sweatshirt and a denim jacket on top with which you can make a very casual look and that will help you fight the cold.

1.- MRI with green sweater

2.- MRI with 100% formal jacket


3.- RM with sweatshirt and denim jacket


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