BTS: 3 pics of Jimin that every ARMY should have OMG!


Although all the boys of BTS have their charm, Jimin has positioned himself as one of the favorites and these are the 3 photos that every ARMY should have!

We can’t deny that the BTS guys have stolen our hearts with their multiple talents and lovable personalities. Well, despite being a group, each of them has stood out separately.

And Jimin has positioned himself as one of the favorites for millions of people around the world, so this time we have selected 3 photos that all ARMY should have of this great K-Pop idol.

But first let’s remember that Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, and from a very young age he showed a taste for the artistic world, because not for nothing has he positioned himself as one of the most talented members.

The cutest of BTS!

On the other hand, this BTS member has stood out for having one of the sweetest and most adorable personalities, something that he has also reflected through his photos and videos on social networks.

Thanks to ARMY, Jimin’s name is always among the social media trends, where his fans are constantly reminiscing about his best moments, both on stage and in his private life.

Check out these 3 pics of Jimin!

However, this time we will not talk about his musical successes or his multiple artistic talents, but about some of his photographs that have completely melted the ARMY. So without further ado, these are the 3 photos that every Jimin fan should have:

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