BTS: 10 Fun Facts About Jin Every ARMY Should Know


BTS’s Jin is one of the happiest and most loved guys in the world of K-Pop. Here are some facts you need to know about him!

As the oldest member of BTS, Kim Seok-Jin is an incredibly charismatic and wonderful part of the famous K-Pop sensation. Even if he doesn’t have many verses to himself in his songs, his solo songs show off his falsetto and he is always praised for his vocal range.

Jin is considered the “mom” of the group due to his age and his efforts to keep them all together during difficult times. His compassionate and loving nature is also what makes ARMY love him so much. Here in Somagnews, we tell you 10 things you need to know about Jin.

1. Your nickname

So how did Jin get the nickname Worldwide Handsome? From himself, actually! While attending a press conference for his tour, Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour The Final, this is how he introduced himself.

The idea came to him by adding that ever since he debuted with the band, he has called himself handsome from time to time. Since then, the name has stuck and every year on his birthday, the Twitter hashtag, #WorldwideHandsomeDay, is trending.

2. You were attending college when you were selected

About three months after attending college in 2011, Jin was discovered by Big Hit Entertainment while walking down a street. While studying, he specialized in acting and had no intention of becoming a singer, given his lack of musical training.

Jin auditioned for the company, but with the idea of ​​becoming an actor. He was convinced to become an idol trainee, and this is how he finally became one of the voices of BTS.

3. He opened a restaurant with his brother

Jin is described as an amazing cook by his bandmates, emphasizing her role as the mother of the group. In 2018, he opened a restaurant with his older brother Seok Joong, called Ossu Seiromushi. It is located near Seokchon Lake in Seoul and serves mainly Japanese dishes.

The grand opening must have been a huge success with a huge line full of fans waiting to get in. The restaurant is still open, so if you are passing through Seoul, be sure to give it a try!

4. Known for his jokes

One of Jin’s most definable hobbies besides cooking and taking selfies is telling jokes. He can make all the members laugh with them except Suga. Here’s one of his best jokes:

Q: What can’t you eat in the morning?

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A: Lunch and dinner.

5. One of the scariest members

BTS has shown their strengths and weaknesses, and Jin is definitely someone who freaks out about everything. As seen with J-Hope on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jin is a lovable coward.

Aside from being frightened by the fruit crushed against the Plexiglas, the thought of insects on his body is enough to make his skin crawl. However, looking at them does not bother him in the least.

6. Glance contest master

Jin has an incredibly strange talent that is interesting, but also disturbing. He is a master of staring contests and is able to go up to five minutes without blinking in the least. The idea sounds crazy, but here is a video to prove it:

7. Doesn’t like wearing glasses

Since he doesn’t have the best eyesight, Jin has prescription glasses, but he doesn’t like to wear them. Fans and non-fans probably think he looks great with glasses, but Jin feels insecure every time he wears them.

8. The image of BTS

BTS has many titles for its famous members. For example, RM is the leader of the group, making sure the boys are on schedule and acting as a spokesperson, while Jungkook is the “maknae” or “youngest” of the group.

Jin represents the visual aspects of BTS and blends in well with this due to his natural appearance. A Korean plastic surgeon has mentioned that Jin’s face is perfect and that everything about him, from his eyes, nose and lips, is perfect.

9. Received an offer from SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment is one of the most famous companies in South Korea, with K-Pop bands like SHINee and Girls Generation. While in high school, Jin was recruited by the company. He passed the first audition, but decided not to continue because he thought he was being scammed.

The idea of ​​Jin being a part of SM Entertainment is still mind-blowing to this day, but he would still find success joining Bit Hit Entertainment and meeting the rest of his band members.

10. Has a large collection of games

To add to Jin’s eccentricity, he is an avid gamer with a huge collection of Mario Bros plush toys. From the age of five he played Super Mario and it became one of his favorite games of all time.

He had a habit of asking his friends to buy him food at McDonald’s when Mario figures were available. It would be great if Nintendo and BTS collaborated, and Jin would definitely agree with that.


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