BTOB’s Yuk Seongjae Is Unrecognizable When He Returns From The USA In The “Golden Spoon”


BTOB’s Yuk Seongjae will be radically transformed in the upcoming episode “The Golden Spoon”!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Golden Spoon” is a drama about a student born into a poor family who uses a magic golden spoon to swap fates with a friend born into a rich family. Yook Seongjae plays Lee Seung-joon, a student who hopes to change his life with the help of a titled golden spoon, and Lee Jung-won plays Hwang Tae-young, a privileged friend whose life Lee Seung-joon craves.


After constant clashes with his father Hwang Hyun-do (played by Choi Won-yeon), Lee Seung-jung was punished by being sent to the United States. The broadcast of the Golden Spoon last week ended dramatically with Hwang Tae-young bumping into someone with a wild style sleeping on the street. Surprisingly, this person turned out to be none other than Lee Seung-chun, who returned from the USA a completely different person!

In the new footage, Lee Seung-jeong is shown in a completely new style, shedding his school uniform and typical dandy image for the sake of a bold hairstyle and a chaotic new wardrobe. Not only has Lee Seung-jong transformed physically, his attitude has also undergone drastic changes, confusing others. One moment Lee Seung-jeong is living an indulgent life, not caring about the world, but the next moment he looks very stern when he participates in a serious business meeting. Why is his behavior so erratic and what are Lee Seung-jong’s true intentions now?

Lee Seungchong definitely paid the price for using the magic “Golden Spoon“, but now that he has returned to his privileged lifestyle, he has become much more hungry for money. Stay tuned to see what turns Lee Seung-hoon will face and how his life will develop.

The producers of the Golden Spoon explained, “Although he has gone through many events after changing his life with the golden spoon, Lee Seungchong is choosing the life of the Golden spoon again. The next 10 years of Lee Seungchon will present an interesting development that is unpredictable and different from what you have seen so far.”


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