BTN star Jacob Gruen and Maxine Riker are engaged!


Jacob Gruen (24 years old) and Maxine Riker want to go to the wedding harbor! The Berlin actor of day and night and the influential man have been a couple for more than a year and are very happy with each other. At the beginning of the year they moved into an apartment together. Meanwhile, they got used to everyday life as a couple. Apparently, as a result, they became even closer: Jacob proposed to Maxine!

In the story of her Instagram, the blonde showed how she was preparing for a trip to a restaurant with a loved one. But Jacob planned a big surprise: he invited her friends and relatives and asked for his girlfriend’s hand in front of them. “I said yes,” Maxine announced a little later, beaming with joy, showing off her wedding ring. She is full of emotions that she now has to process.

But not only Maxine, but also her mother were touched by the app. “We were very pleased. I think we have the best son—in-law in the world, at least for you,” she admired her daughter’s love happiness.


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