BTC Whales Moved $ 100 Million As Bitcoin Boosted Huge


Whale Alert noticed two large transactions that took place recently, carrying around $ 96,300,000 worth of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, analytics firm Glassnode announced that certain on-chain transactions related to Bitcoin transactions have seen a huge increase in the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin (BTC) Whales Moved $ 100 Million

The crypto whales conducted two transactions carrying 3,002 BTC worth $ 34,662,069 and 5,400 BTC worth $ 61,730,845. The first transfer was sent from an account on the OKEx exchange to an anonymous wallet, the second and larger from an address with an unregistered owner to the OKEx exchange. The anonymous addresses involved in the transactions show that there are two different whales.

However, transaction fees were quite different. 3,002 BTC was moved for only $ 9.13 (0.00078952 BTC), while for 5,400 BTC a transfer fee of $ 282.91 (0.02447111 BTC) was paid.

The Fundamentals of BTC Trading See a Massive Boost
Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode reported that two metrics related to Bitcoin transactions have skyrocketed in the past twenty-four hours. The number of Bitcoin transfers increased by 29.4 percent to 15,367,458.

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