“BTC, Ethereum, Polygon and HBAR” Predictions from Ripple Oracle!


Known as the Ripple prophet, Credible Crypto shares price targets for BTC, Ethereum, Polygon and HBAR following the recent uncertainties in the markets.

Analyst confirms rise in Bitcoin

Starting with Bitcoin, the analyst thinks that BTC has survived the worst of recent sales and will soon cross $50,000 again:

I expect relief to mid 50,000 soon. We’ve both swept our local lows and bids are met on major exchanges in the $45-47,000 range.

Analyst interprets Ethereum breakout as bullish

Credible Crypto then takes a look at how Ethereum is moving against Bitcoin to gauge how the broader altcoin market will progress. The analyst says that a break above the 0.070 ($3393.45) to 0.080 ($3878.22) range in the ETH/BTC pair would bode well for altcoins.

As the Ethereum scaling solution protocol moves to Polygon (MATIC), the Ripple prophet follows a tweet on Dec.

I call it ‘The Horror Hunter Part 2’. Our recovery resulted in another bearish SFP (oscillation error pattern) in the highs. I think liquidity is hunting before making another attempt at $1.35.

Last on the list, at the enterprise level, is the PoS public network Hedera (HBAR). While he predicts that the price will rally soon, he states that HBAR’s drop below $0.30 means this figure could act as a new upside resistance point:

HBAR is printing a classic bullish (divergence) daily, suggesting that we will see some relief in the coming days along with the rest of the market. However, the weekly support lost near $0.30 could now act as resistance. We are targeting $0.26 and above for now.