BRZRKR: Keanu Reeves Says Netflix Adaptations Will Be For Adults


BRZRKR: In an interview with Collider, Keanu Reeves delivered more details about the adaptations of BRZRKR (pronounced “berserker”) for Netflix. According to the actor, responsible for creating the comic alongside Matt Kindt, the story will be transformed into a live-action film and an animated series — both projects still in the early stages of development and aimed at adult audiences (“R-rated rating” ”).

The work revolves around an immortal warrior whose journey through the centuries explores concepts of humanity and existence. Reeves, who in addition to being the producer will also star in the feature and give voice to the character in the derivative show, highlighted that the adaptations will have creative freedom in relation to the direction of the plot – with the purpose of not being copies of the source material -, and in the At the moment, the production seeks to find the right tone to take the story to other media.

“We’re working with Netflix, which has been really cool [to us]. They’re going to let us do an adult story, which is also cool. My ambition or hope is not to make a filmed version of the comic book, but to take the universe of this main character to other places”, he commented.

In this sense, the star revealed the hiring of Mattson Tomlin (one of the screenwriters of The Batman), to help write the live-action. See the full conversation, which also brought the illustrator Ron Garney:

About the animated series, Reeves said: “We’re talking to a few different animation companies and trying to figure out [how to do this]. I hope to be inspired and influenced [by other opinions regarding the direction of the plot]. There are some rules, but I also want other creators to make their own version of it. So I want to do a different version of a metaverse, in the sense of having different storytellers [to address other aspects].”


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