Brutally beating old man after asking him to clean his dog


A fight over dog droppings resulted in the assault on an elderly man and now a man has to face several charges.

It all happened in a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood, north of Miami. According to police, Jay Deuschle was walking his dog when he stopped to relieve himself.

The 71-year-old homeowner was walking through the driveway and saw that the animal was walking across the lawn, so he asked Deuschle to clean it up afterward.

It was then that, according to the police, Deuschle struck the man in the face without provocation. The Indian police report that the assailant “then overpowered the victim and continued to beat him with a closed fist several times.”

“The victim received several bruises on her face and chin and claimed that she was punched in the throat,” the document continued. The man also said that he had trouble swallowing and that his voice was not the same due to the heavy blow he had received.

The police arrived in a short time at the old man’s home and Deuschle was arrested a few blocks away.

The aggressor posted bail and is now free, but must stay away from the victim.

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