Brutal! Sommer Ray sticks out his tongue and is videotaped doing this!


Outside of his face as a super sensual model, Sommer Ray has his funny moments of grace and sympathy, it is something that is obvious. With this publication, his playful touch comes out in which the model is seen taking a big bite of a cream-filled bagel, which he could not resist, but in the meantime smears his nose with the succulent foam. Next, he demonstrates his ability not to waste a bit of the delicacy, sticking out his tongue and magically disappears the smeared.

In a very funny way, Sommer maintains contact with his followers, giving them the possibility to give their opinions and continue to integrate into his Instagram. Laughter is the best way to catch people and everyone’s receptivity proved it. The joviality goes through the pores, grimaces and gestures are his favorites to give a cheerful touch to the day of the one who follows her, and then continue with his facet of motivating fitness and model. Ray is a jewel that complements sensuality with comedy.

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a real life struggle brought to you by yours truly

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The new application of Sommer Ray
Are you ready to start a new training routine? This new year is full of surprises and opportunities to start the purposes you want. If you decide to change and optimize your fitness, the Sommer Ray model gives you the opportunity to test your training routine in an app, which you can easily use.

The fitness model is very excited to be able to share in a more professional way her training and routines, which have allowed her to achieve a dream body. Fitplan is an application that is available for ladies and gentlemen who want to enter the world of exercise at a level that allows them to achieve great results, which translates into changes for their bodies and their health.

Sommer Ray starts this 2020 putting everyone in shape.


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