It’s brutal! Kylie Jenner does it against the wall, hallucinate!


Many people think that being famous in this life is to wear expensive clothes, travel a lot and to beautiful places, eat in expensive restaurants and take pictures for Instagram followers. But it’s not all as pretty as we imagine. There is a lot of stolen intimacy, many moments when you can’t be yourself, a lot of pressure not to get out of the established … fame has a price and you have to pay it.

And when we say it has a price, we say it literally. We have learned last week, after the statement of his father Bruce, that Kylie Jenner spends more than 360,000 euros on private security … monthly. One to think about it is cold sweats and want to take off the course of back guard.

If we do the rapid multiplication the accounts with as simple as brutal. Around 4 and a half million euros a year you have to pay the American model to feel safe. A price that does not hurt her, because her earnings are much higher, but also teach us that not everything is as beautiful or as simple as many imagine.

Having to live always surrounded by a back guard, with the pressure that this implies, always doubting your safety and without being able to have a coffee alone. Always with an entourage behind in case any incident occurs. Too much for our commoner heart.

She keeps working on her part. We have seen a picture of him showing his charms. Against the wall and looking towards the camera, with tight white pants showing his rear guard perfectly. A body of a goddess locked in a mortal. She plays in another league.

It is safe. But how could it not be. He has an army to be. Although at times it gives us the feeling that she would just want to be someone normal for a day. Just that. The money that was going to save.


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