Bruno Fernandes Is an Exceptional Player Against Real Betis


Bruno Fernandes showed an exceptional performance against Betis in yesterday’s 1-0 victory over Betis and ensured Manchester United’s entry into the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

Many assumed that the Portuguese star would miss the match, given that he had only one yellow card left before being disqualified.

However, Erik ten Hag believed that his vice-captain would have an impact and save himself from trouble, and by avoiding a single foul for the entire match, Bruno demonstrated his maturity.

This did not prevent him from participating in trials, but helped in defense, returning the ball to his team six times.

And it wouldn’t be Bruno Fernandes’ performance without his characteristic creative spark.

He made more key passes than any other player on the field, with four, two of which were perfect for Marcus Rashford.

Of course, Rashford did not score on any occasion, preferring instead to crush the net from long range with a deafening blow.

But that doesn’t detract from Fernandes’ ability to pass, and he has always sought to create opportunities for his teammates.

He played seven long passes and seven crosses in addition to his rifled passes, but at the same time maintained 80 percent transmission accuracy, despite the aggressive closing of the playmaker by Betis.

Bruno Fernandes was sometimes criticized for his somewhat reckless behavior on the pitch, but against Manuel Pellegrini’s team he was a cool-headed and energetic creator.

Eric Ten Haag will be delighted that his star midfielder will be available for the Europa League quarter-finals.

And today, at 12:00 GMT, he will find out who Manchester United should go ahead with again.


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