Bruno Fernandes Hints at Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rage Because He Is on The Bench in The Match With Switzerland


Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo got angry after he was named on the bench in the match against Switzerland.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with Ronaldo’s position in the defeat by South Korea, Fernando Santos sent the 37-year-old to the bench.

Instead, Gonzalo Ramos from Benfica started, who justified his choice by making a hat-trick.

As expected, there were several reactions to the fact that Ronaldo was on the bench, and the prevailing opinion was that Santos made the right choice and that Portugal benefited from his decision.

His opinion on this was expressed by Ronaldo’s former United teammate Fernandes, who made an assist in the second game of Selecao.

Fernandes said: “Do you think anyone likes to sit on the bench? I don’t think Cristiano would be happy. If the coach puts me on the bench in the next match, I will be angry.”

“We won the first two games with Cristiano in the first 11 matches, and it may happen that if Cristiano had played, he could have scored three goals and no one would have talked about Cristiano being on the bench.”

The playmaker expressed the opinion: “Cristiano does his job, does his part and is happy with the result, because everyone’s goal is to go as far as possible.”

United’s number eight scolded the media for turning Ronaldo into a spectacle because of his playing time.

He added that no one should talk about him as a harm to the team, which is far from the truth.

Fernandes reiterated that although Ronaldo’s status in the sport makes him a target whenever the team loses, this should not be the case.

It remains to be seen whether Santos will remember the former United striker in the quarter-finals against a stubborn and persistent Moroccan team.


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