BruceDropEmOff Calls Out “Weird” Mizkiff for Texting After Exiting OTK


BruceDropEmOff called out Mizkiff on air, calling him “weird” after receiving text messages from the Twitch star after announcing his departure from OTK.

On January 24, BruceDropEmOff announced that he had left OTK, in a short Twitter post thanking the organization.

This happened less than a year after joining the organization together with Mizkif, Esfand, Asmongold and others. In his tweet, Bruce did not indicate any reason why he decided to leave the OTC.

Shortly after, during his stream, Bruce called out to Mizkiff after receiving text messages from the Twitch star who had incorrectly stroked him.

BruceDropEmOff called Mizkiff “weird”

During his broadcast on January 24, Bruce returned to his broadcast after walking away for a few seconds.

“Mizkif, stop texting me on the phone, you’re blocked, bitch, ass. Don’t ever come up to me like that for a day in your fucking life. I’ve done a lot more for you than I should have,” he said. “Don’t try to approach me… You have to send good energy. I should have left when your bitch ass was exposed.

“This is weird shit, I don’t like it. Fuck you now. Now fuck you. You’re fucking weird. No drama, it’s just a weird energy because I’m gone.”

Bruce continued by mentioning that he was “more than enough” of a friend to appear on recent Mizkif streams.

“I was more than enough of a friend to even come to your stream and stick my neck out for your white ass when I knew that some of my viewers never forgave you,” he said.

Back in September 2022, Ice Poseidon leaked text messages from Mizkif using racist and homophobic slurs, and it seems Bruce and his community aren’t too happy about it.

This was accompanied by allegations that he helped cover up sexual abuse, although an OTK lawyer hired to investigate the situation found Mizkif innocent of this.

Neither Bruce nor Mizkiff left any comments after the broadcast, but we will definitely let you know if anything else happens.


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