Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Shared an Emotional Post on The Occasion of The “Die Hard” Actor’s Birthday


Bruce Willis has just turned 68. His year after retiring from acting was not easy, as he faced his updated diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia on a daily basis. And the emotional post that his wife Emma shared on her husband’s birthday shows that his life was full of love and happiness.

The Mayo Clinic reports that frontotemporal dementia is “a group of brain disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain […], usually associated with personality, behavior and language.” Although the “Die Hard” actor has fallen on hard times since he was diagnosed with this, his wife Emma’s birthday post on Instagram shows many wonderful moments that he shared with his loved ones. Take a look at this beautiful retro video below:

This touching post presents us with a montage of family moments that Bruce Willis shared with him and Emma Heming’s young daughters. Whether he’s playing in the snow, on the beach or laughing, this talented actor has had some nice sweet moments in his life. When Willis’ retirement was announced, celebrities with whom he was close, such as ex-wife Demi Moore, director of the films “The Sixth Sense” and “Invulnerable” M. Night Shyamalan and Jamie Lee Curtis, spoke out, offering him sympathy and support in the coming days. This proves that no matter what this cruel disease has deprived the actor-hero of action movies, it will never take away the love that his wife, daughters and friends continue to have for him.

While Bruce Willis may be the one living with this disease, his devoted wife Emma lives with him. It is reported that since her husband was diagnosed, she has reportedly tried to make it her mission to preserve the family and share with the world the best memories of him. It is very beautiful not to want her husband to be identified by his illness, but to show him as a “wonderful, cheerful dad.” In another Instagram post shared by Heming, she spoke frankly about the emotions she experienced on her husband’s birthday.

I always get this message, or people always tell me something like, “You’re so strong. I do not know how you do it.” I have no choice. It would be nice to be. So sometimes in our lives we have to put on our big girl panties and get to it, and that’s what I do. But I have moments of sadness every day, sadness, every day, and I really feel it today, on his birthday.

I can only imagine what she has to go through, but she proves her strength and courage every time she gathers everything together and takes the time to honor the man who is her husband. And, of course, March 19 wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t see another birthday video that Demi Moore, who reportedly moved in with the family, posted where the whole family sings “Happy Birthday” to a very grateful Bruce Willis. Watch the sentimental video below and try not to cry.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Demi Moore (@demimoore)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Happy birthday, Bruce Willis. This retired actor has pleased us with his best films, as well as his huge heart. His family’s love for him is a gift he can never do without. Be sure to check out his 2023 release of The Killer, which will be released in select theaters and VOD on March 31.


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